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Domaine Huet

Huet: wines to discover during your stay at the hotel

Domaine Huet: Top Wines

The Val de Loire domain is a treasure, a benchmark at the heart of the Vouvray appellation, just 10 km from Tours and at 30 minutes from our ACE Hotel Athée-sur-Cher. Jean-Bernard Berthomé, passionate œnologist, expresses his respect and love for the terroir through his wines. The choice of biodynamic farming has been legion for the last twenty-five years. Indisputably, the domain is all about working to benefit the vine, and this is what gives the wines their unique character. The domain’s wines reflect an exacting, overriding love through which the Chenin displays its great elegance. From vine to glass: an intoxicating journey.

Found at: Domaine HUET is at 30 minutes from our ACE Hotel Travel Athée-sur-Cher.

Domaine Huet
11 rue de la Croix Buisée
37210 Vouvray